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Vision and Mission

A relentless community of supporters who are galvanized by St. Michael’s ‘never-say-never’ spirit in the face of the toughest health problems of our time.

St. Michael’s Foundation stops at nothing to fund the relentless pursuit of solutions to some of the world’s most intractable health challenges.

Foundation Leadership

Our team is on the ground floor of a historic movement to reinvent Canada’s healthcare experience.

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  • Ashley Downey

    Associate VP Philanthropy, Major Gifts

  • Robin Fowler

    VP Philanthropy, Strategy and Campaigns

  • Lindsay Grange

    Associate VP, Events, Sponsorship and Community

  • Anne Hilton

    Associate VP Philanthropy, Donor and Stakeholder Relations

  • Justyna Jonca

    Associate VP Philanthropy, Major Gifts

  • Luckson Zireva

    Interim President and COO


If you believe all Canadians should feel comforted, connected and confident in their patient care experience – donate today.

Board of Directors

Prominent business and community leaders championing the work of the Foundation in raising important financial support for St. Michael's Hospital and Providence Healthcare.

  • Officers
  • Directors
  • Melissa Martin

    Vice-Chair, St. Michael's Foundation Board

  • Patrick B. Meneley

    Chair, St. Michael’s Foundation Board

  • Dr. Tim Rutledge

    Foundation Vice-Chair, President and CEO, Unity Health Toronto

  • Tom Woods

    Chair, Audit and Finance Committee


Our volunteers tirelessly support St. Michael’s and Providence’s courageous health teams and the patients they care for day in and day out.

  • St. Michael’s Young Leaders (SMYL)
  • Research Innovation Council (RIC)
  • Governor's Council

Our young professionals raise funds for research and programs that produce new medical treatments.

  • Co-Chairs

    • Katie Bush

    • Jeremy Rogers

    • Ryan Seager

  • Members

    • Mike Alfieri

    • Aidan Bain

    • Gurveer Bains

    • Lindsay Barwise

    • Mark Beairsto

    • Matthew Blair

    • Ted Buckles

    • Connor Bryne

    • Luca Cepparo

    • Vincent Chang

    • Rummy Chaudary

    • Zachary Ford

    • Olivia Foster

    • Owen Gaffney

    • Alex Hann

    • David Harris

    • Peter Hill

    • Jae Won Hur

    • Stuart Johnson

    • Sean Killin

    • Jack de Lange

    • Jennifer Mo

    • Jaclyn Ng

    • Andrew Oliveira

    • Talia Poleski

    • Evan Shergold

    • John Shuter

    • Steven Taylor

    • Henry Wagram

  • Power Circle
  • Professional Advisors Task Force
  • President’s Council

A group of diverse and influential women who work together to effect change in healthcare and in the patient experience. Learn more.

  • Change Makers

    • Nicky Eaton

    • Mary Hatch

    • Martine Irman

    • Patricia Gouinlock

    • Sharon Haward-Laird

    • Katherine (Kate) B. Stevenson

  • Rising Stars

    • Alice Burton

    • Lori Duffy

    • Cynthia MacDougall

    • Marnie Smith

    • Rita Bertossio

    • Robin Fowler

    • Krista McLeod

    • Amelia Swanson

    • Vinny Bhathal

    • Hannah Laird

    • Maria Perella

    • Meng Wang

    • Marcia Cardamore

    • Barbara MacDonald

    • Godyne Sibay

  • Staff

    • Nona Bourgeois

    • Lindsay Grange

    • Renae Mohammed

    • Ashleigh Zellermeyer

    • Sue DeLisle

    • Anne Hilton

    • Prabha Mattappally

    • Ashley Downey

    • Magda Hjartarson

    • Kara Spence

    • Maggie Dynmond

    • Justyna Jonca

    • Julie Tsao

    • Louise Farmer

    • Diana Kuprel

    • Keisha Whylie

  • Honorary Members

    • Rose Bake Reilly

    • Gwendolyn Harvey

    • Melissa Martin

    • Gillian Riley

    • Sonya Canzian

    • Jane Humphreys

    • Sherri Nelder

    • Helen K. Sinclair

    • Tara Deakin

    • Colleen Johnson

    • Kerry O'Reilly Wilks

    • Sarah Tang

    • Julie Di Lorenzo

    • Patricia A. Lace

    • Donna Poile


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