Saluting the Nurses Who Change Lives

May 6-12 is National Nursing Week, when we celebrate our nurses’ extraordinary commitment, compassion and contributions to positive change in people’s lives and to shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Andrew Broadfield, Jennie Huckle, Zahra Ismail

Andrew Broadfield, Jennie Huckle, Zahra Ismail

Meet three of our bright lights.

Zahra Ismail, Providence Healthcare

Zahra Ismail has been a nurse for three years—all of them at Providence, working with patients who have suffered strokes. Zahra is being recognized this year with a Providence Healthcare Nursing Award.

“My journey as a nurse here has been amazing. The most important thing for me is to be there for my patients, advocating and caring for them. I am so grateful for the chance to do that.”

Andrew Broadfield, St. Michael’s Hospital

When the nurse who provided foot care in the family health clinic at St. Michael’s retired, Andrew Broadfield realized there were vulnerable patients—particularly those with diabetes who had no extended health benefits coverage—who were at risk of complications, like amputations and wounds.

So he enrolled in the Best Practice Guidelines program, supported by donors, which mentors Nurse Champions on how to implement their own quality improvement initiatives in the hospital.

“I was able to take what I learned and the guidelines and practices I developed, and pass everything on to my colleagues,” says Andrew. “And now we have a really good, nurse-led, foot care clinic for people who really need it.”

Jennie Huckle, St. Michael’s Hospital

Jennie Huckle retired from nursing at the age of 67. Retirement, you might say, wasn’t for her. Two months later, she was back at the Transplant and Advanced Kidney Care Centre, and she’s still going strong today, working three to five days a week. To stay in shape, she walks the halls after work and does 200-300 wall push-ups. Jennie is 81.

“I love my job. And work is so good for your brain, your health and your satisfaction. And I love to be there for my patients.”

So, when is Jennie thinking about hanging ‘em up?

“Well, I still get around pretty well and I have a memory like an elephant. When those things change, I guess it’ll be time.”

In other words, not today.

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