One Step Closer to Stopping Multiple Sclerosis In Its Tracks

A Message from Dr. Jiwon Oh, Medical Director of the BARLO MS Centre


Everything we do is made possible with the support of our patients and their families, our donors and our volunteers. By championing the BARLO MS Centre, our donors have brought us closer to our ambitious goal of stopping MS in its tracks.

Here are just a few of the ways our community of donors has impacted MS research, education and care over the past year.

  • Patient care enhanced with the launch of a custom, in-person education session where our patients newly diagnosed with MS can learn about the disease and connect with others.
  • Education and mentorship fostered, equipping the next generation of MS clinicians, scientists and educators to advance patient care from diagnosis onward.
  • Research with global impact yielding insights into the genetic landscape of MS, factors shaping the heterogeneity of the disease course and ways to change its trajectory.

In the year ahead, we are so excited for the opening of a state-of-the-art MRI facility—made possible by the collective giving of our generous donor community. That means same-day diagnoses. Fast-tracked interventions. Targeted treatments. Groundbreaking research. It’s game changing.

Thanks to you, we’re being recognized worldwide for our clinical leadership, research and training.

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