A mother’s day, raising money for MS

Giulia Muzzi has been taking the fight to MS ever since her diagnosis. And she refused to let the disease ruin her dream of a family.

A mothers day raising money for MS FNL

When Giulia Muzzi was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2014, she assumed that put an end to her dream of having a child. So, she threw her energy into launching an MS fundraiser called Miles for Smiles. She has held numerous events since then–three of them to support the work of Dr. Jiwon Oh, the medical director of the BARLO MS Centre and the Waugh Family Chair in Multiple Sclerosis Research at St. Michael’s Hospital.

The most recent of these was a March gala that raised $45,000. It was also an opportunity for Giulia to tell supporters at the event about a little boy she calls her “miracle.”

Salvatore was born in September 2021. Giulia credits the treatment she’s received at the BARLO MS Centre for stabilizing her MS, so she could start a family.

The happy mother shared the news to bolster her main message to MS patients, which is to never give up hope.

“When we can't control what is happening, let us control the way we respond to it because that is where our power is.”

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