A legacy gift to support a legacy of care

Between them, Adele Archer and her parents have received a century’s worth of care at St. Michael’s and Providence. A bequest seemed the best way to honour that legacy.

A legacy gift in support of a legacy of care

When you ask Adele Archer why she is leaving legacy gifts to both St. Michael’s Hospital and Providence Healthcare, she talks about their legacy instead of hers. And it’s a legacy of care. Adele is 85, and her history with both organizations spans generations.

“My mother had her appendix out at St. Michael’s almost 100 years ago. And that was just the start,” reflects Adele. “My parents received a lot of care there, over many years, and then I did. And still do. I've been treated for a heart attack. I've had a nephrectomy, shoulder surgery, treatment for colon cancer. All of these things, and more, I have had done at St. Michael's. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.”

As for her connection with Providence, Adele’s parents lived in long-term care there in the mid-90s. She was there most days, and after they died, she began volunteering in LTC. She did that for some 23 years, until the COVID-19 pandemic. Adele hopes to get back into it again soon.

“I don’t want to lose contact with Providence, and still wish to be of service in some capacity,” she explains. “I admire the staff so much as they care for so many vulnerable people. Their work is very important, but also very demanding. There are many lonely residents who just need a visit, chat, smile, or to be taken to an activity, for example. At Providence, they make sure those things happen.”

Adele has a large family, but she also wants to leave a gift to both St. Michael’s and Providence, because they have made such a difference in her life. She knows that they are called legacy gifts, but that’s not the way she looks at them.

“Legacy isn’t the issue for me,” she says. “I believe that whatever one can contribute, no matter how large or small, it will be put to good use. And if down the road, someone’s life is made better because of the gift I have left, won’t that be a nice thing!”

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