Patient Stories

Young mother and MS patient hits the road again

Thanks to the Elizabeth S. Barford MS Patient Comfort Fund, Rosani Christy-Sarva was able to modify the family van and regain some independence.

For Rosani Christy-Sarva, a 35-year-old woman with progressive MS, this fund has meant the difference between despair and possibility. After a relapse last February sapped her legs of strength, Rosani feared she’d never again get into the passenger seat of a car. Her husband has a bad back and her daughter is too young to lift her.

“I was scared I was never going to travel with my family again,” she recalls. “I was in a dark place.”

But that all changed when Rosani learned she qualified for help modifying the family van, thanks to the Elizabeth S. Barford Multiple Sclerosis Patient Comfort Fund. Now she wheels herself directly into the passenger seat. Last year, she and her family celebrated with a road trip to Montreal and Quebec City.