Patient Stories

Giulia Muzzi makes her dreams come true

University student Giulia Muzzi was devastated when she found out she had MS. But the care she received at St. Michael’s not only helped her realize her goal of becoming a teacher, but inspired her to raise funds for MS research.

Giulia Muzzi was a university student, with dreams of becoming a
teacher, when a spell of vertigo landed her in the doctor’s office. An
MRI revealed lesions on her brain. The suspicion? Multiple sclerosis.

“In that moment, I felt my whole world shatter,” she recalls.

When tests confirmed relapsing-remitting MS, Giulia refused treatment.
She was in denial. Two years later, just as she was about to start teacher’s
college, her lower body and hands went numb. Giulia had no choice. She
had to get treated.

Inspired by the relentless efforts of Dr. Jiwon Oh, interim medical director
of St. Michael’s BARLO MS Centre, Giulia organized an annual fundraising
gala and donated the funds to Dr. Oh’s world-leading imaging research.

“My life looks a little different from what I imagined it would be. And the
relapses can bring you down. But I overcome them. Today, I’m a teacher,
just as I dreamed. I can do this.”