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A son’s legacy gift to Providence honours his mom

Providence gave Michael Pasquale and his mom, Rosie, peace of mind when she needed palliative care. Now his planned gift will do the same for other families.

Michael Pasquale and his mother, Rosie, always had fond memories of Providence Healthcare. For over six decades, the family lived in East York, not far from the hospital, known for its rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care and community programs. Friends, parents of friends and family members had been treated there. So when the time came to seek palliative care for Rosie, Providence was the only place she wanted to be.

“Providence is a place that we cared about and had much respect for,” says Michael.

Michael became his mother’s primary caregiver when she started requiring more intensive help.

“We spent lots of time together and I cherished that; I wanted to be able to care for her as she aged,” he says. “She had so many falls and I was nervous all the time. Ultimately, she had a terrible fall that changed everything. Her mind was sharp but her body was deteriorating quickly.”

Michael, Rosie and her doctor recognized that palliative care was the best option. Michael recalls Rosie telling her doctor, “If I can go to Providence, I’ll be happy.”

For the Pasquales, Providence gave them the best gift of all: peace of mind. “We both felt at peace that Providence was her last stop. Her doctor, nurses and everyone on the unit were so good, and I always felt taken care of too. She was safe. That’s all we could have wanted.”

A true fighter, Rosie outlived her palliative diagnosis by almost 10 weeks.

Inspired by his mom, Michael made the decision to include a gift to Providence in his will. “I draw comfort knowing that my gift will support those in need well into the future,” he says.

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