"Why I'm championing HUMANCARE"

"Dignified and equitable access to health care is a basic human right that every Canadian should have,” says HUMANCARE Co-Chair Sabina Vohra-Miller.

Why i m championning HUMANCARE

To mark National Volunteer Week, we’re celebrating the volunteers who have joined our HUMANCARE movement. A passionate philanthropist and tireless volunteer, Sabina Vohra-Miller is a HUMANCARE campaign co-chair. After a career in biotech, she co-founded the Vohra Miller Foundation, which focuses on systemic changes to health care, and the South Asian Health Network, a grassroots organization dedicated to addressing structural inequities in health care within the South Asian community.

What inspired you to join the HUMANCARE campaign team?

While Canada has one of the better health-care systems in the world, not everyone living here has the same access. The HUMANCARE campaign is about making health care equitable. It’s a commitment to dignified, holistic care and a very intentional approach to embedding equity in every aspect of our hospitals’ work. As a first-generation immigrant and a woman of colour, I feel very strongly about this, which is why the moment the campaign was introduced to me, I knew I wanted to be involved.

One day, I was on a call with a few friends. We were discussing the incredible projects they were involved with to make sure no one was left behind during the pandemic. As it happens, they are all health-care workers at St. Michael’s. This was telling for me. Each and every person at St. Michael’s and Providence is committed to health equity. The campaign highlights the excellent work already being done and provides additional resources to push the agenda even further.

What’s most important in a health-care experience?

Dignified and equitable access to health care is a basic human right that every Canadian should have.

What HUMANCARE initiative excites you most?

The Centre for Anti-Racism and Equity in Health Care. It embodies holistic and equitable care, where anti-racism and anti-oppression are not merely paid lip service to, but built into the very fabric of our health-care system.

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