Patient Stories

Patients with damaged heart valves have new life-saving options

Gail was the world's first patient to have the Pascal device implanted into her tricuspid valve.

At 82, Gail* had been hospitalized five times for heart failure and was considered too high-risk for conventional surgery. But thanks to Dr. Neil Fam and his team, patients with damaged heart valves now have new life-saving options.

After the Pascal device was inserted in a minimally invasive procedure, Gail’s recovery went so well that she was discharged from hospital three days later. According to Dr. Fam, her quality of life has improved dramatically. And she hasn’t been in hospital since.

Gail’s situation is not unique. More and more patients are simply too fragile or medically unfit for open-heart surgery. Without new kinds of care, many face life-threatening risks.

The good news is that St. Michael’s heart specialists have saved countless lives by using minimally invasive devices to seal leaking heart valves.
At St. Michael’s, we’re known for our ability to tailor procedures to the needs of our patients – and for our commitment to leaving no stone unturned.

Out of concern for privacy, the patient’s name has been changed

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