Introducing a revolution in brain and heart care

St. Michael’s Hospital is leading a revolution in brain and heart care. Join us in the home stretch of our campaign to build The Walter and Maria Schroeder BRAIN&HEART Centre, where the world’s top specialists treat the toughest neurological and cardiac cases.

At St. Michael’s new Walter and Maria Schroeder BRAIN&HEART Centre, our world-renowned neuro and cardiovascular specialists believe the separation between brain and heart is artificial – because what happens to one very often impacts the other. A brain aneurysm can stop a heart. A heart attack can cause a stroke. Degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s share a genetic link with heart disease. Though some diseases may show up in only one area, they still affect both organs.

So why are the brain and the heart treated separately?

At St. Michael’s Hospital, they’re not. Our brain and heart specialists work together to treat patients and to devise new medical tools and procedures. For the first time, care will be structured around the patient rather than siloed into medical specialties.

Spurred by a $42-million fundraising campaign, St. Michael’s will be Canada’s only hospital that takes an integrated approach to health care for the brain and heart. When it’s completed, The Walter and Maria Schroeder BRAIN&HEART Centre will have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including catheterization and echocardiography labs, neuro-interventional operating rooms, a multidisciplinary cardiac clinic, and a space dedicated entirely to medical discovery and invention.

Thanks to the transformational $19.125-million gift from legendary Canadian philanthropists Walter and Maria Schroeder, as well as contributions from other generous donors, our campaign is 85 per cent completed. Please help us finish our new centre and lead the brain and heart revolution in Canada.


In heart care, St. Michael’s was the:

  • 1st in Canada to perform a successful heart transplant.
  • 1st in Canada to perform a minimally invasive, catheter-based valve replacement during heart surgery that allows patients to go home the next day instead of staying in hospital for up to 10 days.
  • 1st in the world to guide a device (MitraClip) through the jugular vein – a more direct route to the heart – to repair and treat a dangerous leakage in the heart.
  • 1st in the world to implant a device called the Pascal system to treat a patient with tricuspid regurgitation (a condition which can lead to heart failure) who wasn’t eligible for the standard minimally invasive procedure.

In brain care, St. Michael’s was the:

  • 1st in the world to remove tumours by bi-nasal endoscopy, now the international standard in brain surgery.
  • 1st in Canada to scoop out a pituitary tumour using a 3D camera.
  • 1st in Toronto to perform brain surgery using 5-ALA, an amino acid that lights up highly malignant brain tumours in bright fuchsia to make it easier for the surgeon to see and remove – thanks to donors.

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